French Cooking Lesson

On April 28th, 10 lovely PILC Ladies had an opportunity to participate in a French cooking class.

We gathered at the Mercure Hotel, donned aprons (with the PILC and Mercure logos), and enjoyed learning how to cook delicious French food. Executive Chef, Khun Nattavut Waitayawanit, a Thai native with over 20 years working in leading hotels both at home and overseas, was skilled with his demonstration and explanation.

High Tea Mandarin Oriental

On Wednesday the 11th May 2016, two buses left Big C Pattaya Tai at 9am with six people on each bus.

Everyone was dressed beautifully and were all looking forward to the experience.

The toilet stop wasn’t until we were in the Bang Na area, some of us were wondering if it was going to happen, as by that time it was after 11am. We had a 20 minute break, freshened up and we arrived at the hotel at approximately 12.10pm. We were escorted into the lobby where Caz, Ros and Deidre were waiting.

When the staff were advised of our arrival, we were taken directly to the Authors room and presented with the menus.

Pasta Cooking Class


Friday, 22nd April, was pasta cooking day at the Centara Hotel. The class, which was full to capacity, was tutored by Chef Alfredo and was enjoyed immensely by all of the ladies in attendance.

 Chef Alfredo was very entertaining with his stories. He made pasta cooking seem simple. We learnt all about the history of pasta and how it ‘comes from nowhere and everywhere’. We also learnt about the history of bread and all of the various breads which can be found across different cultures and countries. In fact, the history of pasta and bread are intertwined and both are created all over the world.

Ten Pin Bowling May 2016

Wow! Another fantastic event organised by Pauline and the events team!

Forty people turned up for a fun night of light-hearted bowling competition at the Avenue on Saturday the 7th May. We were divided into 10 teams, pitted against each other. We all had to create team names and submit them before the battle commenced.

During the games, we were supplied with snacks and drinks to keep up our energy. Pauline and I desperately needed this, as we were bowling for two other players who were unfit for battle. So, that kept us on our toes (a bit like Fred Flintstone).

BPH First Aid Course

BHP–First Aid & CPR Training Event–March 11th 2016
We all arrived early in the morning of Friday, March 11th at the 10th Floor Conference room of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, ready for our foray into the world of first aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
We started the day with a welcome cup of tea or coffee and some cake, just to get our sugar levels up for the first part of the training. We began with a short introduction by Dr. Ian Corness. It was then on to the first session of the day, with an explanation of some basic first aid solutions such as what do if someone has an accident, how to treat burns to the skin, a possible broken bone scenario and even how to deal with snake bites! After about 90 minutes of theory, we were ready for a short break.
Next came the practical part of the First Aid Section. We were taught how to splint and bandage a broken arm, leg or ankle. We then got to have a practice run on each other, with absolutely hilarious results! After such a busy morning, the lovely folk at BHP had prepared a Thai lunch for us which we all tucked into and enjoyed very much. There was even time for a quick stroll through the small food and clothes market which is held outside of the Hospital every Friday through Sunday. It was then back to the business of the day and the CPR section. Again this was explained first by the very affable Khun Maggie. After a while, we were given the chance to practice what we had leaned on an array of chest dummies which very handily lit up when the CPR was administered correctly! It was clear that the most important thing to do, if you ever find yourself involved in a medical emergency, is to call for professional help first.
This was a very useful and informative day and our thanks go to all of the staff at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya for the time they very generously spent with us.
Sue Tait

Coffee Morning at Coffee Club

Coffee Morning
The Coffee Club Royal Garden Plaza
Second Road.
Tuesday March 18th from 10.00

It was lovely to come back to the Coffee Club at the Royal Garden Plaza in between Pattaya Second Road and Beach Road.
When we arrived, we had our photographs taken individually. I wonder what that could be for? Michelle was keeping ‘Mum’ about that one! We found those very photos on our tables when we attended PILC’s next luncheon at Blue Olive. What a nice touch!
The café was very busy, with everyone catching-up on all of the news and travels which had been happening since we last met. We were served coffee/tea, which took a while due to the extra large number of attendees. It was then on to the delicious food served by the Coffee Club. There were satays, panini sandwiches and loads of really lovely cakes and sweets.
After the usual announcements, presented by our very able Vice President, Sue, we had another break. Then, it was on to the raffle, which raised 13,900 Baht. The prizes were complemented by a few ‘on the day surprise gifts’. These included a beautiful hat (worthy of the Melbourne Cup Race Day), an extender arm for selfies and a beautiful red bag, amongst other gifts. The prizes were won by the members who had lucky numbers attached to their seats.
A great day was enjoyed by all present.
Thanks to Violette and her wonderful team of helpers.
Anne Smith

Luncheon at Blue Olive

PILC Lunch – Blue Olive Restaurant
Tuesday April 5th 2016

Nestled in a small soi, just off Soi 12, Threppasit Road, is the Mediterranean style restaurant, ‘Blue Olive’. We arrived to be greeted by vibrant colours of yellow and purple over all of the tables and chairs. Bags, bundles and ribbons all followed the same colour theme.

After everyone had settled down and some announcements were made, it was on to the main business of the day – lunch. We had a choice of soup or tuna salad to start. Both were appetizing and plentiful. This was followed by the main course, which was a choice of salmon, snow fish or chicken; all of which looked and tasted delicious. We had a brief break for some ‘quick draw gifts’ and then it was on to dessert, which was a choice of berry cheesecake or chocolate cake & ice-cream. What more can I say!

Some lovely prizes were presented during the raffle draw and we collected a total of 7,300 Baht for PILC charities. We finished the session some really good coffee; a great end to a very good luncheon.

All and all, a really enjoyable lunch. Our thanks go to Clarence and his staff at Blue Olive and to the PILC hospitality team.

Please note, we have negotiated a 10% discount off your bill if you show your PILC membership card when dining at Blue Olive.

Sue Tait

Wine Tasting at the Greenleaf

Thirty two fun loving folks enjoyed an evening of good wines paired with wonderful cheeses at the lovely home of Kathy and Mark Greenleaf.

The evening began with Roz’s husband Carl introducing us to five different Australian wines.

We started off with:

1. Jacobs Creek Trilogy, a nice sparking brut paired with Australian Camembert cheese;

2. Grant Burge Benchmark, 2013 Pinot paired with Swiss Gruyere cheese;

3. Brands Laira  2012 Chardonnay paired with Brie from France.

4. Bleasdale Mulberry Tree cabernet 2012 paired with Cheddar cheese from England; and the finale being

5. Penfolds Bin 2 Shiraz 2013 paired with Blue Stilton cheese from England.

All wines were wonderfully enjoyed by all and the cheeses, figs, olives, pickles, raisins, nuts and lightly spiced breadsticks just added to the pleasures of the palate.

After the wine tasting, we proceeded to a wonderful assortment of finger food delicacies. Enjoyed by the group were salmon balls, sausage bacon appetizers, baby drumsticks, chicken satays, chicken wings, humus, toasts and spring rolls. Ending the evening with two homemade cheesecakes made by Lhen Lhen’s husband, chocolate tortes, other fine pastries and lots of fresh fruits.

This was such a fun, well prepared event! Thanks especially to all who made this evening so successful!

Host: Kathy and Mark
Wine Connoisseur: Karl and Roz
Organizers: Sue Tait, Lhen Lhen and Roz

I believe these folks are ready to open a specialized wine tasting-appetizer shop! Kudos to the organizers and thank you all for coming and for the laughter and good times for this frolicking evening!

Georgina Ong

Coffee Morning La Ferme

Luncheon La Campagne

Baking at Centara

Coffee Morning Centara