About PILC

Pattaya International Ladies Club was established in 1987 with a group of 30 women.  From such small beginnings, PILC has grown to encompass around 200+ members from more than 30 countries.  The Club provides expatriate  women with the opportunity to network, socialise, make friends and participate in a wide range of monthly and weekly activities including sporting and cultural pursuits. The Club has always extended the hand of friendship to newcomers. A warm welcome and the opportunity to meet others who have made the Eastern Seaboard their home can make the sometimes challenging transition to living in a new country a little easier!

PILC is proud of its commitment to supporting needy local communities through several welfare projects.  Annual fundraising events, such as the Christmas Bazaar, enable the Club to continue its efforts. As well as fundraising, many members are active volunteers and give generously of their time and talents to a variety of projects.

The Committee

 The PILC Committee is made up from a group of dedicated, enthusiastic women who volunteer their time to continue the Club’s primary aims of providing social opportunities for expatriate women and to raise funds for charitable causes.

The Committee is elected at an AGM each year in January. If you are interested in finding out more about helping the Committee please email infopilc@gmail.com. The Club Constitution can be read here.

2018 Committee

President - Sue Tait

I have lived in Pattaya for 9 years and had been involved with PILC Hospitality for  3 years,   Pattaya has changed so much even in the time we have lived here, with more international hotels and businesses opening and some really extremely good restaurants to choose from, it helped to make my role in Hospitality very interesting and enjoyable.  I enjoyed my supporting  role of Vice President last year and I am looking forward to the challenges of being this year’s President.

Vice President – Helle Rantsen

Thailand has been my home for the past 15 years.  I have been a very active member of PILC and part of the Committee for a total of 8 years and for the last 3 have been the first Danish President of the Club.  PILC is a great way to find new friends for life and create a social network while you are enjoying yourself in Pattaya.

Treasurer - Marnie Kregor

I retired to Thailand 7 1/2 years ago from Melbourne Australia.  I have 3 sons and 7 grandchildren living in Australia who I visit once a year. I am happy to take over the role of Treasurer for the last quarter of 2017. it is a privilege to work with such a dedicated hard working committee

Secretary - Louise Roxlin

It is just precisely one year since I came to Thailand and during that time I have got to know the lovely members of the PILC Committee. When asked to take the role as Secretary it was with little hesitation, and I am very much looking forward to working together with the Committee as a team. It will be a unique possibility to broaden my social network even more, which with little doubt will make my stay here even more fantastic!

Membership - Wendy Khan.

My husband and I took early retirement and moved to Thailand fifteen years ago from the UK.  I have two children and five grandchildren. My son lives in Bangkok with two of my grandchildren and my daughter lives in Germany with the other three.  I have been Secretary of PILC for two years and have branched out now into Membership and hopefully successfully keeping the web site up to date.

Welfare - Lhen Lhen Mantela

I have been in Pattaya for many years and worked full time serving the needs of the poor for most of them, through MERCY Pattaya.  With the restructuring of the MERCY organisation allowing more time to be involved in the community, MERCY wanted to give back to PILC, who have supported them for man-years in various endeavours, particularly in the Scholarship programme.  Already the sharing of gifts and abilities is proving mutually beneficial – to the well-being of those less fortunate in the city many of us have come to call home.

Activities - Pauline Elphick

I am an Australian retiree and have lived in Pattaya for almost nine years. We are ex-publicans and enjoy travelling. Love the lifestyle here, and don’t intend to leave in a hurry.

Newsletter - Carol Johnson

My name is Carol Johnson and I am from Canada.  I am the proud mother of 3 adult children who still live in Canada.  In my previous life, I worked at the University of Calgary in the Educational Psychology Department and specialized in helping families and schools deal with challenging children where I authored two books.  I have lived in Thailand for over 12 years and in Pattaya for the past 6 years.  I love my life in Pattaya and being a member of the PILC.  I look forward to another fun filled year of coffees, lunches, events and meeting more wonderful women.

Hospitality – Violette Gauthier

I am Armenian, born in Iraq where I spent my childhood. Later on I was in the UK and in my early days I was in hospitality and hotel management. My husband is from Belgium. We spent together about 30 years in Dubai and we retired to Pattaya two years ago, and we did not regret our choice for a retirement place on any account, least of all the pleasure to be with you. Thank you.

Special Events - Jayne Jouai

I retired to Thailand in 2008 after spending many years traveling with my husband due to his work.
I love to cook and entertain and an avid fan of Masterchef.
I had the honour of planning PILC’s 30th Birthday event which I thoroughly enjoyed doing.